Year 10 Design - intro to design


Hey everyone,
We’ve just finished teaching our first year of Year 10 Design and in the interest of sharing thought I would put up the last assessment students had to do along with a student response. Glad to hear any feedback people have.
Student response.pdf (9.4 MB)


This is great. Many thanks.



It is great to see student examples.
Thanks for sharing.


I really like it on so many levels. It makes perfect sense. Flows well. Not contrived. Authentic. Love the prototyping. It’s a wonderful example to post for this forum because anyone who looks at this will think my students could do this. It’s a great start for yr 10 and bang on the money. Well done. I will be stealing all your best ideas as I tell my students to do after I make them watch this. Regards Wok :):grin: