Y9 Design Foundation


Hi All

So, I’ve been working on a Design Foundation course for year 9 students, its intended for a semester of work and ends with an assessment item. I would appreciate some feedback.
The main focus is on sketching upskilling, SCAMPER and some analysing products. I had to consider National Curriculum but also wanted to sneak in some ATAR Design in there too.
Had to reduce the file to upload it, so quality might be off

Y9 DESIGN Foundation Created By Denigan.pdf (7.2 MB)

Here the web link to better quality:



Very interesting work, Stuart. Thank you for sharing it.

I’d like to see this process applied to design briefs at different scales. Any plans to do a garment, building, landscape or interactive service?


Thanks for the feedback. Year 9 level so keeping it pretty tight in what they designing, we don’t run a productive design course in earlier years so this program is the first time they have sketched or designed before.
Service design is covered in digital technology so didn’t need to cover that.
I also do a shipping contain house for buildings. I’m in an all boys school, main aim is to try and get bums on seats for year 10. I ran a survey and the results showed a larger interest in industrial design with my boys.


I would love to know if other teachers are doing garmets, buildings, landscape or interactive services in year 9 or 10?
Iv seen bus stops and industrial design items. Iv personally done an outdoor seating for Southbank and one for in school grounds. Is anyone doing garment buildings or interactive services?


I think your approach would translate quite naturally to other types of design. Products are familiar and accessible but perhaps other familiar designed experiences could work well at these younger grades too.

Assuming younger students will relate better to things they are very familiar with might things like the school uniform, their bedroom, a chat app for the school and so on work in a similar way? Some of the sketching approaches might differ and model making (‘lo-fi prototyping’) wouldn’t necessarily be at full scale but so many of the other things you mention would work really well.

I wonder if an exercise centred around tracing aerial photos (e.g. Google Earth) would help students relate to large scale plans suitable for landscape architecture and architecture? Some work on sections and elevations would help them relate to doing building interior plans and elevations. It would be amazing to see students design a whole precinct and create scale models that could be viewed together like a kind of model village. I saw something like this last year during St Paul’s ‘airport of the future’ exhibition. (I think it was Year 6 work, can’t remember.) They had filled a classroom with a model airport and clearly had a great deal of fun doing it.

Sorry to go on, your post. It just inspired some thoughts about design in other areas that are a little less familiar to me.