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I had a few people ask me to share the videos that we showed during the QUT Design Teachers Studio.

I prepared these for the QCAA Design syllabus implementation workshops so they’ll be familiar if you’ve attended one.

Sketching tools and media

Sketching techniques


It’s worth noting that although these are quite general they do come from my industrial design background. Other disciplines, for example, fashion, landscape architecture, etc., have quite different conventions which are worth learning about and exploring.

And here is the fourth episode, hot off the presses:



If you find these videos useful and would like to see more of them in future there are a few things you can do to help.

First, tell us what kinds of short videos you’d find useful in your classroom. We’ll make more videos when we can but we’d welcome videos made by others to share here as well.

Secondly share them with your colleagues and students. Almost everything QUT staff have done so far to support the Design syllabus has been on our own time. If we’re to get internal support and resources to continue we need evidence that it’s useful and worthwhile. Increasing the views of these videos would be one metric that might support our case for support to make more of them. Your comments about how you use them might help as well.


I’ve just recorded and uploaded a version of the keynote presentation I gave at the DATTA conference in June last year and again at the DATTA workshop in Cairns in April this year. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long—kinda busy with my day job.

A few people asked me for slides so I hope this is still useful. My intent is to give a little insight into what industrial design students encounter when they commence a design degree, at least in my classes. Perhaps this is useful to get an idea of project complexity but also design studio classroom too.

I haven’t attempted to cover approaches for other design disciplines—it’s an ID perspective which is only a portion of what the Design syllabus covers but I hope it’s still useful by extension. Although there are differing traditions and practices at a broad level most design degrees take a similar approach in regard to studio practices and in starting with simple projects and slowly gaining in complexity and ambition.

Please share the link to this page with any colleagues who might find it useful. Questions and feedback are welcome, ideally on this page but alternatively directly on the YouTube page.


What a great insight into what the students at University do. Thanks for sharing!


Very helpful video Andrew. Cheers. I’m now pondering how to sell the subject to students… mini lunchtime design challenges? YouTube clips of careers. Sketching …


I just came across this short video that has some useful tips on sketching:

It is focussed on product sketching but the same approach could work for most types of design. Might be useful as an intensive classroom activity, especially in the early stages of a design project.