Unit 3 Project draft for feedback

Hi everyone,
Please find attached our school’s Unit 3 Project for your perusal and comment.

Kind regards,
Ben Webb
Unit 3 Project task sheet v3.docx (513.3 KB)

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hi Ben
Where did the 5 weeks come from? have I missed something on the portal? IA2 (35) is worth more than IA3 (25) so are you planning to do your IA3 shorter than IA2 (5 weeks)? or are you not approaching it that way? (more marks = more work/time)

Well spotted, Stuart. That is an error. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hi Ben,

Looks good to me mate. Focused but open for a wide variety of responses. Certainly ‘human-centred’. - Col

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1.The only suggestion I’d make is to eliminate the information in your ‘Task’ section about what HCD is. The ‘Task’ section is about what the students are doing. I did that in my project assessment for unit 2 and received feedback that asked me to do the same by the person who did my endorsement.
2. The subject ‘Design’ is an Alternative Sequence subject and most schools I know are starting Unit 3 Project in Wk6 of term 4. Your dates you’ve listed are particular dates in Term. You might already know this, but if your school is doing alternate sequencing then you’ll have to either: change the dates in your check point section or change your terminology to, :At 2 weeks … , At 5 weeks … , At 7 weeks …, this way it doesn’t matter when you start your assessment, you’re just stating that after ‘so’ many weeks after giving the students their assessment, you want to see that student complete that checkpoint.
Hope this helps, if not, its all good. The ‘At week’ approach I did in the was approved by the endorser.

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