Unit 3 HCD Project length

Hi All,

I hope your endorsement process is going smoothly. I want to start a post to get opinion on how many weeks you all believe is an appropriate/ideal time for Unit 3 HCD Project.

The length of the project is not strictly outlined in the syllabus requirements but the HCD Sample Instrument available on the QCAA portal outlines the length of 12 weeks for that particular task. This ofcourse is just a sample so I am taking that length with a grain of salt.

Do you think 12 weeks is the ideal time frame for students to complete the project? Is 10 weeks enough time or do you feel the may need 14? I’m trying to get an understanding of what is an appropriate range of time in which students have the best chance to achieve the top 2 bands of each criterion on the ISMG?

I would be greatly appreciative if anyone wanted to share the opinions or thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Michael,
Good question. My thoughts are that I need to firstly teach all the subject matter of topic one. I have allocated six weeks for this. I also do exam preparation including a practice exam before our exam block. I have allocated two weeks for this. This leaves nine weeks for our project.
Kind regards,
Ben Webb

That plan sounds good Ben. I was a little worried with a shorter length than 12 weeks but I have come around a little. I just didn’t want to sell my students short. Anyone else?

I’m curious as to how many lessons a week in class you would give students to work on it? It’s hard to work out how to teach all the content.

Hi Ben (and anyone else who could offer some insight),
Are you starting unit 3 this term? If so, what are your assessment dates for IA1 and IA2 are they both next year, or is your exam block week 8 Term 4?


We are starting next week and our design challenge is week 7 and out project is week 5 term 1.

G’day Carol,
Yes we start Unit 3 this week. We spend the first half of this term on Unit 3 Subject Matter. Then we start the Project. It is due end of week 7 term 1 2020 (no expectation to work on this over holidays). Then we have two weeks to prepare for the exam which is held during the exam block in week 10.
Kind regards,
Ben Webb