Unit 3 Examination: Design Challenge draft for feedback

Hi everyone,
Please find attached our school’s Unit 3 Examination: Design Challenge for your perusal and comment.
Some notes:

  1. The task has been written as close as possible to the design style of the QCAA Mock. I guess the auto-template of the endorsement process will arrange it the way they want it.
  2. I am interested in what you think of the stimulus? Are there images that are not relevant and are just ‘taking up space’? What else could I place there?
    Kind regards,
    Ben Webb
    Unit 3 Examination- design challenge stimulus.pdf (2.2 MB) V1answer.pdf (332.9 KB)

Hi Ben
I like how you have used the QCAA PDF’s and changed it to your own question and stimulus. I personally like your stimulus and the information provided was good. It a one hour design challenge, so I personally feel the question/task and possible responses will be good during the time frame.
well done

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Hi Ben,

Looks good to me - makes me think my stimulus pages are too crowded. I know the mock and sample external exams specify service/product/etc. but the unit 3 example does not. So I think you could remove that specification to open it up a little, in case students interpret service to be the interaction between people. In this scenario, a product or environmental change could also address the needs. Just my thoughts, I’m certainly not an expert. (Someone please tell me if I’m wrong!)

  • Col
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Excellent, thanks Col for pointing that out. I’ll review it.

Looks good Ben. I think it’s a good task and the stimulus seems fine to me. In regards to explicitly asking for a product, service or environment - Roy Barnes has stated to us that it is advisable to state which of the three students need to design.
Whilst it doesn’t state this in the syllabus I think that given the time constraints and the fact that students aren’t participating in the Explore phase why have them spend time “exploring” the best option. Better giving them that time to actually concentrate on the Develop phase.


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Excellent, thanks Sam for your insights here. You must be in the inner circle to obtain exclusive intel about the subject!