Unit 3 Assessment 1 and 2 for feedback (FLAKE)

Hello Wonderful People,
Sharing my attempt at Unit 3 Assessment, both IA 1 and IA 2. All feedback most welcome.
Cheers, Col
IA2 Unit 3 Project Design 2020 draft 1.docx (420.6 KB) IA1 Unit 3 Exam Design 2020 draft 1.docx (4.5 MB)

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Hi Terry,

I replied to you email on the ITD dicussion forum .Hopefully you got it. If not -

‘Looks good Terry, however in you IA1 it is very highly recommended that you clearly outline what they are designing ( product, service or environment ). I cannot see this stated anywhere. Students are not required to do any analysis of the stakeholders needs/wants in the exam, therefore what they are designing needs to be clearly communicated in the design brief.’

Hope that helps.

I was just wondering if you can point me to where it states in the syllabus that it is highly recommended that you clearly outline what they are designing either a product, service or environment?
As I can’t seem to find that anywhere?


Hi mscduff,

This information is directly from Roy Barnes during a phone conversation I had with him last week.

Students do not Explore in an exam, therefore they are not required/expected to analyse stakeholder needs and wants. The decision of whether to design a product/service/environment can only come after analysis of data in the Exploring stage. Given students will not be Exploring in any exam they cannot be expected to make the decision on what they are going to design. For this reason, it is highly recommended that a) this decision is made for them and b) it is clearly communicated in the brief/task.

Thank you for your clarification that this is not written in the syllabus, therefore surely this means that open ended task cannot be rejected at the endorsement.
Kinds Regards

Hi mscduff,

Given I have not applied to become an endorser, I am not sure on this. I guess you will find out shortly. Can you advise us how you go?