Unit 2, Topic 2 idea

Hi Everyone,
Given that Unit 2 and Topic 2 is all about Collaborative Design, you are invited to see what my class has delivered collaboratively.
Firstly they were given the Topic 2 task sheet. It has six dot points to cover, however each student only needs to complete one dot point and then share that for collaboration.
The on-line platform for the students to add their work, then to peruse, like and comment other student work is called ‘Padlet’.
You can check out my class work here:

Thanks and hopefully this helps others with delivering this topic. Feedback always welcome!

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Ben Webb

Unit 2 Topic 2- Develop- collaborative design.pdf (130.0 KB)


That’s an awesome collection of links and comments in the padlet. Thanks so much for sharing! Pretty cool what happens when you let students loose on the Web.

very well done Ben, will certainly utilise this.

Hi Ben,

It’s a cool set of resources and shows off the collaborative design approach well but I’m curious as to how you would mark it against the formative assessment criteria? Are they submitting a folio showing their work? Are they writing a brief or criteria?

Would love to know how you go about assessing it.

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Hi Josie and thanks for your comment and question.
My approach here was to extract the dot points from the Topic that are more theory-related (and less actual designing). Those dot points were used for this collaborative topic. This is therefore more of a class-work exercise and as such is not assessable.
The more actual design-related dot points in the Topic form the basis of my Design project. This is certainly assessed fully via the ISMG’s.
I hope that is clear enough to follow. What do you think of this approach?
Kind regards,

Hi Ben,

It’s a great idea for classwork and definitely meets the syllabus content.
I think I was confused because the pdf you uploaded has the formative marking guide and reads as a piece of assessment in which the whole design process is required.

Given the task (which is research and collaboration and not designing per se) I’m not sure a task sheet is necessary as it implies getting a grade. Although I do agree that some students wouldn’t engage half as well if they didn’t think it was graded.

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