Unit 2 examples



I have a planning day next week and was wondering if anyone would like to share what they have done already in regards to unit 2, as in exams, task sheets and changes of the TLAP?

To kick things off I have attached the draft copies of my unit 2 project.

Would love feedback.

unit 2 project.pdf (190.5 KB)


Hi Catriona,
Unit 2 looks good.
One thing to explore could be going beyond the school environment. We currently teach Design in Yr 10 and the main feedback we got from our students was they wanted less assessment centred around the school (and we only had two out of four assessment pieces that did this). It could be that they must create a proposal for an external community organisation that is connected with multiculturalism? Once again this comes down to your students and other limitations. Just a thought.


Hi, I was just wondering whether you think are appropriate for unit 2. Will be doing the design challenge and then the project. Any thoughts?Unit 2 - Project.pdf (209.9 KB)
Unit 2 - Design Challenge.pdf (723.8 KB)