Unit 2 Exam conundrum

snr_design_19_unit2_MCA_ass_inst.docx (1019.8 KB) Hi everyone,
Does anyone else see a conundrum with an Examination: Design Challenge for Unit 2?
It can’t be based on Topic 1 as that is an ‘Explore’ topic and exams don’t cover that part of the double diamond.
It also can’t be based on Topic 2 as that is about using a collaborative design approach and exams are completed individually.
I am otherwise looking at a commercial focus for the exam. My exam is attached for your perusal and feedback. Many thanks to Mark Wockner as I have based this off his efforts.
Is any school not doing an exam for Unit 2?
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Ben Webb

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Hi Ben. I also came to that same conclusion so I am swapping the project with the test which I will do in week 4 next term then the project due week 3 of Term 4.

Good to know I was not alone in my thoughts.


Hi Peter,
How does swapping them around help?
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The exam in week 4 next term will just be on Unit 2 Topic 1 as it is in the last week I teach that topic on my planner. That allows me to do the project over all of the Topic 2 content that I will teach simultaneously as they will do the project in their own time and very little class time. The due date for that project is week 3 Term 4. I will then start teaching Unit 3 lessons in week 4 which will span the school holidays into Year 12. Does that make sense? I hope so:-)

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I am thinking of trying to set it up similar to the unit 3 challenge, with the stimulus as images and a mind map as the collaboration element (Topic 2 ). I am thinking this time I will ask them to try and design a product rather than just a graphics task. I’m not sure what yet, open to ideas as my exam is not till week 6 next term. I am thinking something along the lines of merchandise for a local gym or charity.
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Hi Ben, my interpretation was to write the exam on the topic of Commercial Design


Thanks Evie. It really is simple when you say it like that!