Unit 2, Assessment 3 feedback

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I too am wondering if I can get some feedback on a Unit 2 project idea. I’d love to see if you think it’s achievable. The attachment (if it works) includes a jpg. but have included the task below.

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Unit 2: Commercial Design


The context of this project is commercial design. Fundamental to design in practice is the principle that design is a commercial endevour that requires designers to respond to the needs and wants in consideration of economic, social and cultural factors. Your client in this project will be Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC). TRC are responsible for hosting one of Australia’s largest events called the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers which features a floral parade, local food, produce, regional wine and entertainment. The event celebrates and gathers people from all different demographics and cultures to celebrate. A great deal of attention is given to the beautification of two iconic public flower gardens - Queens Park Botanical Garden and at Laurel Bank Park.


TRC would like see the festival creatively connect the two main attraction gardens - Queens Park Botanical Gardens and Laurel Bank Park with the CBD (which is located between the two parks) to encourage visitors to enjoy the wide range of restaurants, cafes and boutique shops on offer which will increase economic stimulus.

Toowoomba Regional Council requires you to design a product, service or environment that will promote and extend the celebrations of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers to be more inclusive of the Toowoomba CBD this resulting in greater economic growth.

You are required to:

  • Identify a design opportunity based on a product, service or environment that will fulfill TRC’s needs
  • Consider and identify a range of stakeholders affected and their needs and wants e.g. visitors, local residence, TRC, small businesses in the CBD, youth, children
  • Consider a historical design style to use that will be in harmony with the current style
  • Write a design brief that includes features of the design problem and design criteria
  • Work individually and collaboratively to develop your own design concepts

Unit 2 Assessment 3 DRAFT.docx (597.3 KB)