Unit 1: Topic 1 Draft for comment



Hi Everyone,
Please find a working draft for your perusal and comment for Unit 1: Topic 1.
It has a context to work alongside the subject matter. The context is directly taken from the subject matter. (first dot point of the subject matter)
The subject matter also states that the teacher provides the design brief and design criteria, so I have done that, along with a stimulus page.
Looking at it with fresh eyes, I would like to tease it out a little more. However I want to see what your thoughts are first.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Ben Webb

Topic 1 DRAFT.pdf (136.8 KB)


Morning Ben
That looks good, will this be an assessment item? Or classroom activities?
I like how you are leaving it open for any appliance. The content is very similar to the QCAA TLAP, so i assume you are following majority of it?
I was thinking and planning a very similar classroom activity but focused on an item of furniture for toddlers. This then move on an assessment Folio designing an improve study item - product, service or environment (desk, study area or app)
I like how you’ve adding the dot points. Just a few things I would consider:

  1. prototyping could be hard - large, play doh might not hold up to moving and holding (Hoover might full apart) - but you have a nice 3D printer to use :blush:
  2. lots of photos and tracing I’m guessing. House hold appliances are mostly organic and cylindrical objects. Students might struggle in first term year 11 to sketch said items. This is why I went with furniture.


Love it, I am thinking about doing some thing similar with each of the the topics. Glad to see other thinking the same.


Thanks Stuart. This will be classroom activities- no assessment.
I like your thoughts on the potential complexity of the more organic items. I’ll reflect on that.