Unit 1 Exam: Student samples for perusal and feedback

Hi Everyone,
Please find attached some student samples of our school’s Unit 1 Exam.
I am eager to field any questions or suggestions on how it meets the Unit Objectives, how it can be refined to enhance the student experience or any other things that you spot.
Kind regards,
Ben Webb
Unit 1 Exam Design Challenge Dan.pdf (1.3 MB)
Unit 1 Exam Design Challenge Flynn.pdf (1.5 MB)
Unit 1 Exam Design Challenge Harry.pdf (1.5 MB)
Unit 1 Exam Design Challenge Nick.pdf (1.4 MB)

These look good Ben, I particularly like the inclusion of the refinements table after the evaluations - very clear and easy to identify where they have used synthesis.
I would say though that they could show how they have used divergent thinking strategies a bit more effectively. Even if they included some use of SCAMPER to further develop/refine ideas. Just a thought.

Hi Ben
They look good. A Question for you, “multiple” - this has been a question of mine for a while.
What number of ideas classifies as multiple? You’ve gone with three ideas + final product. I went with 5-10, what are your thoughts?

Hi Sam and thanks for your comment.
Yes SCAMPER is a good idea. I will look to implement that into the expectations.
I notice that SCAMPER features in the “Convergent thinking strategies” section of the text (p9-11), however is it considered a divergent thinking strategy?

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Hey Ben.
That’s interesting that it’s listed as a convergent strategy in the text. I was just going off the syllabus which has it as an example of divergent thinking (pg 21). Something I will have to look into.

Hi Stuart and thanks for your comment. I based the expectations of how many ideas for the 60 minute exam on the QCAA sample response. That seemed appropriate. It sounds to me that every time you need to think of a number, you need to halve it!

Thanks for that Ben, it looks like you guys are doing a great job.
I spoke to my students today and told them they can lower the thumbnails from 5-15 to 3-10 if they are all credible and different ideas- for example you can’t design 15 square objects, if you have have comment that the form could be cylinder, rectangle or triangles etc

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