Unit 1 assessment order


Hi everyone,

Due to our assessment timelines, I have made the decision to have the first project due (T2W3) before the exam (T2W5, end of unit 1).

Do I need students to work through the entire design process including writing the design brief and criteria? Also does the design proposal need to have a spoken pitch?



Hi Karissa

Please contact Roy Barnes the PEO for the Design subject at the QCAA for advice regarding assessment specifications.
Ph 3864 0411 or email roy.barnes@qcaa.qld.edu.au


It depends what topic in Unit one you are assessing. Topic 1 doesn’t have the brief or first diamond, so no. Topic three would be both diamonds. In syllabus, the exams only cover Objectives 2,4,5, and 6. So, for an exam the teacher would provide the design brief and criteria for teh students to design too in the provided time frame.
My first assessment was folio on topic 1, so only second diamond (sketching and prototyping).
I hope that helps a little