Unit 1 and 2 Sample Units - Word Format


Hi All,

I know allot of schools are using the Sample Units but it is nice to have an editable version. Spent some time copying / formatting the sample PDFs into word. Hopfully this is useful to someone out there.

Cant upload .docx here so for anyone with an .eq.edu.au email see the onedrive link below

Word Format TLAPs


Hi there Tim
I would love to have access to the TLAP you have worked on. I was wondering if you are able to email the word file directly to me? I am having trouble opening it. joya@highlands.qld.edu.au

Thank you so much!



Tim has send me his files to share on his behalf. While I can’t share them directly on the site I’ve uploaded them to my DropBox so these links should work for anyone with open internet access:

  1. snr_DESIGN_U1_TLAP.docx
  2. snr_DESIGN_U2_TLAP.docx

Let me know if you still have problems @JoyArgow.


Thanks Tim for sharing. This is very helpful!