Triple Diamond for 7-10 Design


Hi everyone,
Please find attached for your use the Tripe Diamond! This will help those schools like ours who are wanting to align their 7-10 Design subject closer to the Senior Design subject, and wish to still make the product. (that is, after all, what the students want to do, right??) So we added a third diamond for those projects where the students will make the proposed design.
I hope this helps. I have some variants of this triple diamond where we grey out the elements that are not covered. Feel free to send me a request with your email and I will pop them over to you.
I pondered on whether the arrows and words in the third diamond were the most appropriate that they could be, and am very open to your thoughts on which parts may be changed and why.

Kind regards,
Ben Webb


Nice work! Thanks for sharing. Do you think there should be more overarching arrows between Develop and Create, just as there is between Explore and Develop? I’m thinking that after creating, then often the project is further developed or refined.


Fair point thanks Oli. I think that is a good idea.


I would probably use the word MAKE instead of create. Most design thinking models refer to Create as an idea-generating stage…



Look great I have been working with this for my year 8s, I add the QCAA Double Diamond to the design council one.


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