QUT Design Teachers Studio February 2018


QUT is hosting professional development to prepare qld teachers for the new design syllabus.

The registration link and further details can be found at: https://www.designteachers.org/professional-development/dts2018/

The details are:

Event: QUT Design Teachers Studio

Date: Friday 9 to Saturday 10 February 2018

Location: F Block level 2 studios, QUT Gardens Point Campus

Cost: $310

Sign up: https://pay.qut.edu.au/QUT_DesignTeachersStudio)


In anticipation of the new QCAA Design Syllabus going online in 2019 the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, is offering a professional development workshop for Queensland high school teachers.

This two-day workshop will take place in QUT design studios and offer a choice of sessions and practical experiences for teachers including:

the role of making in design process: low-fi prototyping
running design studios: facilities, techniques and teaching strategies
curriculum development: applying the syllabus to the classroom
evaluating design: identifying and assessing good design

What is a Service?

It’s probably worth mentioning that it will be run by me, @Andrew_Scott and Natalie Wright.


Update: we’ve had a strong response for this workshop so far and places are filling up fast.

Teachers who are waiting for approval to book a place please note that we are happy to refund your booking fee if your supervisor (department head or principle) decides not to approve the expenditure. We’d just ask that you request this promptly so that your place is freed up for someone else.

We’ll soon be preparing a detailed programme of the two-day event so you can see how we’ll be spending the time.


I have submitted a request from School to attend but probably won’t get a response now until the new term.


I just received the Monday morning report; we’re close to full.


Currently this PD event is fully booked—thanks for the great response!

Standby List

I’ve fielded several requests from teachers hoping to get in if a vacancy appears. Please contact me if you’d like to go on my list and I’ll send you news if space appears.

More PD

We think there’s strong interest for a second PD studio later in the year and we’re interested in exploring this, assuming the February event is well received. Ideally we’ll explore running one at a regional location.


As far as timing goes it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do a second event until late 2018 at the earliest because both Nick and I are overseas for some months later this year.


Keep us posted then Andrew. Finally got a response from school to say I could go and it’s fully booked. Typical!
I would definitely be interested in a regional event. I’m in Mackay.


I’m sorry to hear that, @Carol-Anne_Durkin. We know that the opending date for bookings was very late in the school year and therefore difficult for some teachers to organise.

We’ll share some of the insights and ideas that emerge from the workshop right here to add to the conversation.


Thanks Andrew, another opportunity to do the course would be greatly welcomed.


Sadly only received info on this course this week. What is the best way to contact you to get on the wait-list?

As an aside, whereabouts has this course been hiding on QUT’s site? I’ve been seeking design related short-courses on there for some time now. I attended Cass’ great Fashion Illustration one in October and was lined up for a Design Thinking summer course that was unfortunately cancelled - yet I only heard about this course from our Home Ec Learning Advisor via a heia(q) publication.



I’ll add your name to the standby list.

We know we didn’t allow enough time to set up and publicise this event which made it tricky for many teachers to learn about it and arrange bookings.

To address this for future events we’re building links with professional bodies and encouraging broad membership of this forum. Thanks for the suggestion about using the QUT website.


In a few short hours the QUT Design Teachers Studio commences. We have a full compliment of participants (no vacancies, sorry) and a great programme prepared.

Everyone in the team is looking forward to it.

Further down the track we’ll share outcomes of the studio right here so stay tuned. If you have ideas or suggestions for future PD events please join in the discussion.


Morning Designers

For those in Studio 2 this weekend, here is the link we discussed regarding single study units available here at QUT for Design Thinking. In coming weeks, I shall search out for more answers to your questions regarding complimentary study that can assist with your delivery of Design within your classrooms.
Thank you

Design Thinking

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Hi Amanda,

Did you mention that this was available as a 4 week course during summer school? I assume that means after the regular semester has finished. The website lists it as a unit to study during the regular semester. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



I applied for this during the last summer break but it was cancelled due to low numbers. Hopefully, with more awareness, it can be run this year. As an aside, the Semester 2, 2017 timetable indicates it was offered during school hours which makes it difficult for teachers to attend.


Hey Michael

Investigating this week! Will let you know :+1:t3:



Online Design Course

This is the link regarding the IDEO course run by +Acumen incase there are those who do not use facebook. There are a couple of DESIGN teachers hoping to begin the Human Centred Course (Online) and need team members. The Facebook group QLD Design Teachers 2019 provided the link.



First time post here! :slight_smile: hoping to add some value…

Following a recent conversation with @Andrew_Scott I have been encouraged to share what we do through Inspired Education Australia as a part of helping teachers through practicing industry professionals.

We have been developing a lot of content for Design Teachers (specially in the Design Technologies area) over the past year. Recently, to support this great initiative of Andrew and his team, we have developed ‘Design Thinking’ PD for Design Teachers, in the coming months.

DESIGN THINKING for Design Teachers

If you would like to email me, you can reach me directly on rashan@inspiredgrp.com.au.


I’ve been meaning to post this here for some time—it’s a short feature on the QUT Design Teachers Studio featured on the QUT Creative Industries website: