QCAA external Exam Questions

I see the mock questions are out in the QCAA portal, what do you all think of them?

Yes well, I know I have some work to do.

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The IMSG for them are interesting.

I agree. Lucky we have access to the example EAMG 12mo in advance! I didn’t realised how important and prescriptive the number game of each of the descriptors would be. I will definitely be working on getting my students to beef-up each of these in their responses for unit 2 and 3.

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EDIT: My bad, I found them at the top of the stimulus. All good!

I am just looking at these in more detail now. The exam obviously consists of one question that students respond to. However, the EAMG refers to 3 design criteria in the response. I cannot work out where these design criteria come from? They are not listed in the question and do not appear to be derived in the student response. So how is the student supposed to know the design criteria for the problem? Am I missing something?

I also disagree with the ‘numbers game’! Since when is quantity over quality the prefered option?