Places to get ideas for design briefs



The idea for this thread is a place for everyone to share any kind of resources that serve as stimulus for developing design briefs.

Thanks to Andrew Devoy for sharing this one, a selection of resources related to the Cooper Hewitt design competition:


Dr Ricardo Sosa is an old colleague of mine. These are his tips for a good design brief:

He also includes some examples in his slides on this subject:



At the QCAA workshop the other week we were shown this example of how to develop a design brief, thought it might help.

I’'m not sure were it comes from as I can’t seem to find anything similar on the web. If any could here could let me know that would be great, thanks


Hi Catriona,

These five categories were taken from the syllabus. You can find them in many places in the final draft, e.g. page 11 under The design process in Design and the bottom of page 20 under the bullet point “recognise that designers are required to balance competing features”.


Thanks for that, I will go back and look at those.


These are pretty good and sorted by the size of project. Small projects are things like redesigning a school locker

They are targeted at high school students


A great example of a design brief and fully worked example, using the (whole) double diamond.

The project is an activity planner for people on board a flight. The whole process is documented.


Thanks Nick.
I spotted this about 10 minutes before my lesson yesterday and decided to throw it in. We had some great discussions after my students read the article. The students really liked seeing the whole process and were quite surprised at the broad range of research that was done in order to really know the user. We talked about relevance of some and the impact on the designed solution. I also pointed out the use of a low-fi physical prototype to send his sister to Italy for a few minutes!
Well worth a look for students just starting to get a handle on the whole design process.