Part A length concerns


Is anyone else concerned about only doing 8-10 or 10-12 pages for section A next year?

I’ve been writing and making exemplar items for year 10 design and try out some year 11 project/folios (both diamonds) ideas and personally struggling to keep to 10 or 12 pages for part A - in preparation for Unit 3

I looked at the QCAA samples and the more I look the more it looks like the “student” would have to do some more work that isn’t submitted. Am I missing something?

Part A:
Research and analysis problem, stake holder and HCD ideas (questionnaires, identify a problem to fix, design frameworks, existing products, moodboard and mind mapping, evaluating context)

Design concepts (lots of thumbnails (small sketches), annotations, stakeholder feedback and Q&As for future development)

Evaluate and develop (SWOT, PMI, SCAMPER - mainly combined due to ISGM requirements, more sketching to improved multiple ideas and annotations)

Finished part A - all the above in 8-10 pages IA3 and 10-12 for IA1.

Q1 Am I asking or doing to in-depth work for this syllabus?
Q2 have I got the process wrong? If so please advise
Q3 are student going to complete more pages but only submit the required number?

My first y11 project was submitted last week and my students did a great job however 20+ pages for just the second diamond. Clearly their sketching were to large and some pages could get scanned and combined to lower the page count. But that was just the second diamonds. Alarms are ringing in my head right now :blush: