Open source textbook for the Senior Design Curriculum


Yes, this would be a fantastic addition to the subject. I have just done the QCAA workshop in Hervey Bay. I left with a mixed feeling of anticipation, excitement and sadness (removal of CAD). I think this would be wonderful to assist teachers in understanding and implementing the new Subject.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Gary,
YES, this would be an awesome addition. We are also trying to work out how to best prepare students in 7-10 for senior.


Hi Nick,
My speciality is design and tech glass. Was an examiner, assessor and curriculum consultant. If you could use my help I’d be interested in participating.
Cheers Wendy


Would love this type of resource!


Hi All,
Nick this would be a great resource.
Appreciate your efforts.
Kind Regards Justin


I would also be very interested in this book as well. :slight_smile:


I’m just writing with an update here to say that we’re looking at getting the first version of the textbook out later in the year.

Many thanks for everyone who has offered assistance, I look forward to getting in touch with you in the near future for some early advice.

Just to set expectations, this is going to be a work in progress. We’re looking to start by releasing a textbook that speaks to the first two units. It will grow through you (the community) giving feedback and providing suggestions. Once those first two units are looking good and the format works for everybody, we will get onto the remaining units.

It’s my great hope that you can help in many ways throughout this process. Please be patient and be aware that we’re doing this in our spare time. I’ll keep you all updated as we keep working on this.

Many thanks for all of your messages of support! It makes it clear to me that this is really worth doing.



Thanks Nick and Andrew - sounds like a great resource and would definitely use it.


Nic & Andrew, Yes! This is a great idea - I know the Food & Nutrition has been written exactly Unit by Unit for ease of alignment. For us to have a resource like this would be brilliant. Hopefully you guys are real close now.


Great idea! Would love to see a resource like this which is dynamic and user-contributed, grown through the community.


This would certainly be a valuable resource for my students who study in the online environment!


Hi, this would be excellent! I would be particularly interested in how to plan teaching and learning concurrently with an assessment item (i.e. a project). I have been going through the TLAPs on school portal and they offer amazing learning experiences that answer great questions that are relevant to the topic. However, there isn’t any guidance as to WHEN a project should start and how that really integrates into those learning experiences.