Open source textbook for the Senior Design Curriculum


Hi all, @Andrew_Scott and I have started working on an open source textbook to support this curriculum. This is something that has come out of discussions with the curriculum writing team and other teachers and it seems like it would be welcome.

I’m writing this post to gauge the sentiments of people on this forum - is an open source textbook something that you would want and that you would use? We’re hoping to get a critical mass of interest to help get some momentum behind it.

How we envisage the finished textbook

  • The textbook will be free forever, and be released under a creative commons license.
  • It will be released as both a PDF and an online version, where the online version will be more useful because it has links
  • Our intention is to include contributions from this site in the textbook and to recognise all contributors as authors


It would be great to get some feedback on this project so that we know that it’s meeting a real need.

  • Would you use a textbook for this subject if it was helpful? Do you want to see this project succeed?
  • Are you happy for the best resources and ideas from this forum to be shared (with recognition of contribution) in this more formal way to supplement the forum?
  • Is there anything in particular that you would like to see in the textbook?
  • Any particular ideas that you have to improve the project?

Here’s our proposed cover to whet your appetite:


I would be interested and would use it with my students, particularly an online version.
Thank you

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We would use a resource like that.

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Looks good and many will be calling out for direction and structure as they try to implement the new syllabus.

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This sounds like a great idea. A few responses to your questions.
If a textbook was available that was aligned with the syllabus, we would definitely use it. Alignment to the QCAA syllabus would be key.
Yes, I absolutely want to see this project succeed.
I think drawing contributions from the forum is a great way to share the considerable knowledge that exists in teachers across the state.

Look forward to hearing more about it.


Thanks for the encouragement @jelco! We’re currently working on some next steps, but the intention is to make sure that it is exactly aligned to the QCAA curriculum.


We would definitely use the online version of this! Thank you for all of your efforts.

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A fantastic idea gentlemen. Find a well tailored “book” to support what we do in class is a key element. Teachers are definitely the best source of information, but to be able to give our kids another valuable resource that can be accessed while we aren’t around is top shelf. Happy to throw my support in.

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A text book would be a wonderful resource for this subject

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Fantastic project! This will be useful for both Teachers and Students of Design. Will definitely use it and happy to contribute.

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Definitely interested in this. Will be beneficial for all Design teachers.

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This is a great idea. I would be using it with Design and Industrial Technology preservice teachers.

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Hi Nick, I’d be happy to use, have, share and contribute to a textbook for all. p.s. I like your idea for the front cover

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This sounds like a great idea. Teachers are time poor and a place to find activities to compliment the teaching of design variables targeted in the syllabus would be a starting point for our teaching resources for this very new subject. Worked examples of design problems in the different contexts like fashion, architecture, product and graphic design would be useful. Many school now offer design in year 10 as a lead in to the subject in senior so progressive activities and mini design challenge ideas are always appreciated.
Stuart Scott


Love the front cover. Would be very helpful to have a textbook that demonstrates designers like Dinosaur designs, so that students can view the products in a commercial setting. Virtual and actual tours of galleries, workshops, etc., are great supports for visual students studying where rl access is limited.
Was a D&T marker, folio reviewer, curriculum consultant and presenter. Specialising in glass. Welcome to contact if you wish :slight_smile:

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I think this is a great idea. I would definitely be using it as a resource for my students.

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Fantastic idea!
I think that there would be significant support for some well developed Briefs that could be used as examples for the various units. Some examples of quality design criteria and even sample responses would be fantastic.
With regards to online links/resources: I am keen to get my hands on some student work samples that showcase the entire design process from start to finish however I realise the IP may be an issue.


I think that you’re one of many who would like to get their hands on student work from start to finish - hopefully the QCAA will come out with more of that soon. Many thanks for the ideas for the textbook, which is progressing.

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Yes to all of this Nick and Andrew. I’d definitely use this when teaching the new subject. Also happy for you to use any of the ideas that I share here.


Yes please… We’re also keen to backtrack to year 7 students to gain the required prior knowledge for Senior. Love the cover!

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