Looking for feedback on this conference


Good morning all,

I am keen to read any feedback with regards to…



Hi Kate,

I took 10 of my year 10s to this last year and it was excellent. Having industry professionals to talk to was great as well as getting a real feel for what the daily life of a designer is like was very cool. Last year was the first year they had schools attend. Matthew Haynes, the director, is very helpful and super engaged in trying to get the best outcomes and experiences for students.
The only downside I found was it was design largely from a digital and graphic design perspective. There was one industrial designer but no fashion designers or architects last year. I’m haven’t checked the speakers list this year yet though.
would 10/10 recommend. It got me excited about design again.


Hi Kate, I don’t know any of the people involved but it looks like a pretty amazing opportunity for students to get exposed to the industry to feel out whether it’s for them.

I suspect from the schedule that it won’t directly contribute much to their learning for the senior design syllabus… but in terms of learning about the profession and hearing stories from the design world it looks like gold.


Thanks for your very valuable feedback, Josie. Much appreciated. Regards, Kate