Invitation to take part in a survey about being a design teacher



Hello! We’ve created an anonymous 20 minute survey about being a Design Teacher in Queensland, and we would very much appreciate if you could take part at this link:

The details of information and consent can be read here: QUT-information-consent-form-1800000114.pdf (83.5 KB)

A condensed version of these details are found upfront in the survey itself.

Here is the “official” invitation to the survey. Many thanks!

Hi, my name is Dr Nick Kelly from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and, with my colleagues and fellow investigators Andrew Scott and Natalie Wright, I am conducting a research study into the perspectives and opinions of Queensland high school design teachers.

I’m hoping that you might be interested to participate in this study.

As you can understand, your feedback and opinions are extremely valuable to us in helping us to advocate for design teachers and to make what we do more useful. We would really appreciate your taking the time to complete this 20 minute online survey.

Further details on the study and how to participate can be found by clicking on the following link:

Please note that this study has been approved by the QUT Human Research Ethics Committee (approval number 1800000114).

Many thanks for your consideration of this request.

Nick Kelly, Natalie Wright and Andrew Scott
(Chief Investigators)


This is a very succinct questionnaire which asks some really important questions for us. We need to get our voices across as I believe that Design should be a core from which all the other subjects draw. I’ve seen a school that has Design as a core, and total integration across a multitude of subjects branching off it.

PLEASE take the time to fill it in, we need this change.


Thanks everyone for all of the replies! It is very much appreciated.

The survey will stay open for another few weeks for anyone still interested in responding that has not yet done so.