Introduce yourself…


Hi, my name is Andrew Scott. I teach design at the School of Design, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

I’m excited about the potential of the new Design syllabus to spread knowledge of design problem solving, increase community understanding of design and lift the standard of incoming university design students.

My background is industrial design and but I teach First Year students in all disciplines of our Bachelor of Design course:

  • architecture
  • fashion
  • graphic communication
  • industrial design
  • interactive design
  • interior design
  • landscape architecture

I’m not a big LinkedIn user but I’d be happy to add design teachers to my LinkedIn network. Andrew Scott on LinkedIn


Hi, my name is Nick Kelly and I’m a senior research fellow at QUT. I work with high school design teachers and so these are particularly interesting times, with the ACARA digitech and design & tech syllabuses, and with the senior design syllabus here in Queensland.

One of the things that I’m most interested in with my research is how I can help facilitate teachers to form meaningful communities - so you can see why I was so interested to help set up this site!

On my website I put up articles from time to time and it has links to my work and how to contact me.

I’m really keen to work with teachers across Queensland as we all figure out together how best to teach this senior design syllabus, so I’ll be keeping a keen eye on this site.


Hi, I’m Carol-Anne Durkin.
I am a Design and Technology teacher at Holy Spirit College in Mackay. I have been there for 5 years since moving to Australia front Scotland.
Prior to that, I was head of Business, Design and Technologies at Oban High School in Scotland. I have been teaching for 15 years. Still loving it and still learning new things all the time.
I am delighted to see the development of these professional networks to promote the subject and to share best practice.


Hi, I’m Evie Skinner.
I am a Design Teacher at Villanova College, Brisbane. I studied Architecture at QUT and practiced in the field for some time prior to studying Education. I am excited about the new changes to the Senior Syllabus and am thankful for the opportunities these forums provide.


Hi, my name is Chris Tucker, I am a Head of Department at Kilcoy State High School. I have always had an interest in design which is what lead me to teaching ITD in the first place.
Since teaching the 2013 Graphics Syllabus and becoming involved with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL), I have become a closet design geek. I have tried to put my new learnings into practice outside of my school work and have now fully renovated my previous home as well as designing the new kitchen and pool area for our current home. I am currently in the middle of my biggest project, designing our future home, which will begin construction shortly. I have documented each of these projects in the hope that my students can see how the projects progressed from the brief through to reality.
I love how the design process engages students with higher order thinking skills which dovetails beautifully with our work in Deep Learning and the 21st century skills.


Hi, my name is Simon Korneliussen and am currently the VET coordinator at St Patrick’s College Mackay. I am also the Graphics teacher and have enjoyed the current syllabus and its design influence. I really enjoyed the QUT design course and getting to know the Design syllabus from the people who influenced it! I would love to be able to put up here the sketching videos that QCAA have done for the External trial a couple of years ago so others can access.



Hello all, my name is Kel Pirie and I work at the Whitsunday Anglican School in Mackay. I’m a good old fashioned Manual Arts Teacher, as well as the Technology Studies District Review Panel Chair covering Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville. I’m looking forward to the new Design syllabus and some healthy online community discourse.


Hi, my name is Stephen Robinson a.k.a Mr Robbo and I teach all things design and maker related at Pimpama State Secondary College on the Gold Coast. The college uses design-thinking across all curriculums however for myself I feel fortunate to teach and practise both design and making. Currently teaching both Graphics and ITD subject areas from a background in signage manufacture along with my academic qualification in environmental design (Architecture). I’m always excited about design and look forward to sharing and learning from you all.


Hi all!
My name is Rashan Senanayake and I am a practicing industry professional in Architecture and Fibre Operations.

My team and I have founded Inspired Education Australia ( to help Design Teachers in various contexts (most recently in Design Thinking). We have been training Design Teachers around QLD for a few years and in the process have developed Masterclasses, 1ON! Learning, a Design Teacher’s Resources Portal with Lesson Plans, Courses (currently being developed), assignments, video tutorials etc.

In addition to this, I am a Sessional Academic (tutor) at QUT in Architecture and have worked alongside Andrew Scott for many years.

If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, feel free to call me on 0452 202 987 or email me on

I always welcome it! :blush:


Hi Stephen, I would love to hear how you have gone with your work implementing design thinking across all curriculum areas. I believe it is definitely a way forward for us also.
Do you have any ‘lessons learned’ that you could share?



My name is Catriona Duff I have been a Design teacher for 20 years, I have taught in Brisbane for the past decade or so but am originally from the UK. I am really looking forward to see the different ideas around the Design Syllabus.


Hi Chris,
Back into the term after having a term off. Happy to talk later in the term if that suits?


Your name is familiar :thinking:. Are you from Scotland by any chance?


My fathers family were from Aberdeen but I have never lived there.


Hi everyone. Gr8 to find this forum.
Boilermaker turned ITD teacher at the Best high school on Kepnock road Bundaberg. I’m feeling reinvigorated atm around the teaching and learning opportunities for this subject… very helpful links and responses. Thank you all!


Totally agree. Will be great to have a positive launch and kickoff.


Hi All
My name is Kevin Abraham, I am a Curriculum Leader at Faith Lutheran College. I was a trade person (Motor Mechanic) for 16 years, 6 of which I was a crew leader. Qualifications I have are Bach Ed (FET), Diploma Engineering and a few CertIV. I have been teaching for over 10 years now and thoroughly enjoying it most times. I looking forward to the new challenge of ATAR


Evening all,
My name is Matt Lobegeiger. I’m a Digital Tech/Maths teacher, currently teaching at Ryan Catholic College in Townsville, North QLD. I have a Bachelor of Information Technology from UQ and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Grad) from JCU. I’ve been teaching for about 10 years now. I’m currently an IPT teacher, so, with Design, I’m also implementing Digital Solutions at my school.

I’m taking on the lead role of implementing Design in year 11 next year. We have already started teaching the new syllabus since our students choose their year 11 subjects before semester 2, year 10 begins. Unfortunately I’m not teaching year 10 Design due to timetabling constraints. But I’m writing the program and assessment and I’m working closely with the teacher. So far I’ve been drawing heavily on the unit 1 sample TLAP. In their last lesson I had the teacher take the Design students on a walking tour of our Junior Campus (P-4) to identify items that have been designed specifically for the use of smaller people (eg children). From there they will begin to explore the concept of anthropometrics.

Have a good one.