Intro to design for Junior students


Hi guys,
I’m running a one session intro to Design for Year 6 and 7 students and am searching for ideas on an achievable design challenge that will give them a bit of an idea of what the subject is about without having to teach them too much as I will only have them for one, two hour session.
Ideally, I’d like to get them to work in groups and to move through the whole design process. At the moment I’m leaning towards something to do with designing the learning environment/ideal classroom…
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


In the past I have done this with year 8 students as a two lesson exercise - so it could work for you. I get the students to redesign a superhero costume. I use Batman as an example of how costumes change based on stakeholders. A good comparison is the Adam West Batman and the new Christian Bale Batman.
Students really enjoy it and by having them re-design it gives them a base to work with.

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That’s a great idea thanks Sam, though of course it would have to be a Marvel character :wink: