IA1, IA2 and IA3 Submission Requirements Released


If you check on the resources tab on QCAA Portal, a memo was released two days ago outlining the file types and requirements of submissions for Unit 3 and 4 confirmation. It is definitely worth a read.

Good news, the ISMG’s can be submitted separately.

Bad news, Projects (parts A and B) are restricted to 5MB each in PDF format. I agree with PDF formatting, but to be honest, my Unit 1 exams scanned as PDF were already over 5MB per student. If enough people agree, it might be worth raising this issue with Roy to see if the file size can be increased.

What do others think???

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I’m not sure where to find that memo exactly - could you provide a link?

If student folios are restricted to 5MB that would definitely be an issue worth raising.


Confirmation Submission Information.pdf (247.5 KB)

QCAA Portal > Syllabus > Design > Resources > Other > Confirmation Submission Information

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