I tested my Year 10 Graphics with a little Prep Design Challenge


After going to the Design Workshop I felt the need to test what I had learnt on my Year 10s. Thought you all might be interested.

Prep Design Challenge


This looks terrific to me. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

I’m curious what other teachers think.


This is such a groovy idea, I love it. At our school, we have to hand out a sheet to all students that outlines exactly what each subject is being assessed on etc, so students don’t really get to understand how difficult it can be to extract the right information from a client, so this will work brilliantly for my year 10’s.

I have spoken to our Junior STEAM coordinator, and he is excited about this: This term, Year 1 is inventing superheroes. They have creative writing exercises and all sorts. Next term, the year 10’s will have 2 year 1 “clients” each, and they will have to do the whole process of being a designer to develop superheros for 3D printing.

Jade and I came up with the idea of having 2 ‘clients’ per student as no design team is working on one thing at a time, there is always overlap. It also means that I can slow down the rest of the process for the year 10’s and work on some of the feedback loops that they are currently glancing over!!!

Thanks Von, brilliant idea!!!


The students loved it. Great idea to have smaller numbers, as the younger students energy is difficult to handle. I learnt through this task how blessed we are to have primary teacher.