How to decide if a student is an A,B,C,D or E for reporting purposes


Hello again all, we have chosen to have two assessment items for Unit 1 Design in Practice like I would imagine most people have, so after we completed the first two assessment items we will have two results. The design challenge/exam marked out of 15 and the project marked out of 35 that will come to a total of 50.
The next decision is to decide what A-E standard does your student receive according to the reporting standards on page 17 of the Syllabus document.

I hope what I say next makes sense. I crunched the numbers by comparing and matching the ISMG descriptors and the associated minimum mark to achieve that level for each criteria (and then added them all up) against the reporting standards descriptors and came up with these cutoffs as a guide for determining a grade.
A 86% -100% or 43-50/50 marks total for both assessment items
B 70% - 85% or 35-42/50 marks total for both assessment items
C 42% - 69% or 21-34/50 marks total for both assessment items
D 22% - 41% or 11-20/50 marks total for both assessment items
E 0% - 21% or 0- 10/50 marks total for both assessment items

Not too sure if I’m barking up the right tree here or my maths is wonky. For me this is just a guide, there maybe be a student folio that doesn’t quite reflect the number crunching and a best fit option may be the way to go in that situation. Just trying to make sense of it all to make process of grading A-E easier. Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. Warmest regards Wok:)

P.S. For those who initially think that a mathematical formula to derive a standard is too rigid or simplistic or 42% is too low for a C (could scrap in as a C- if you internally report that way!) then I encourage you to suggest alternatives. The more we are all on the same page with this then the better, and that will allow the conversation to go up a notch.


Hi @Wok,

I did this ISMG mapping exercise (looking at the descriptors matching between standards and ISMG levels) across all my Technologies subjects and came up with this rough guide for FA1 and will do the same for the project.

This works for my school context requiring reporting A-E 4 times a year.

apologies for the hand drawn table but you get the idea

See linked document here


That great Ben, looking forward to your project review. Warmest regards Mark


Hi Mark, linked is the project mapping. Pretty straight forward, the ISMG is only missing D level for devising.



FA2 Project ISMG Mapping


Thank you very much for this Ben.