HCD Y10 folio examples

Designing a hose nozzle for elderly people examples:
Example 2 HCD Folio.pdf (1.7 MB) Example 3 HCD Folio.pdf (1.6 MB) Example 4 HCD Folio.pdf (7.7 MB)

My year 10s start their first full HCD design folio - using Unit 3

Respond to the following question: How can the design of a products, service or an environment improve the family dynamic?
Use designing with empathy as an approach to understand and experience the needs and wants of member of your house hold.
This will require you to:
• identify stakeholder/s who must be a family member in your house hold
• Apply the HCD process to respond to their needs and wants using design with empathy techniques. Interacting with your identified stakeholder/s throughout the process will be important.


Thanks for sharing.
The standard of presentation in the students sketching is excellent.

Thanks for sharing these examples. They have helped me a great deal. I am understanding the layout of the projects to a much greater extent.

Just a thought, I completed this sketching course three or four years ago and it really helped my teaching processes and sketching skills

When I did completed it, there was only first 5 modules, Im going to sign up and redo it - just for the last three modules. I think that will be awesome for our Design syllabus