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How many assessment pieces should be done in year 11?

Design syllabus page 16 - Formative assessment Units 1 and 2
“Schools develop internal assessments for each senior subject based on the learning described in Units 1 and 2 of the subject syllabus. Each unit objective must be assessed at least once.
For reporting purposes, schools should devise at least two but no more than four assessments for Units 1 and 2 of this subject. At least one assessment must be completed for each unit.”

Units 3 and 4 have 3 assessments plus External exam, should this be mirrored in Units 1 and 2 as four assessment pieces as well?


I’m doing two pieces per unit, a project and an exam, as it will best reflect the assessment in units 3 and 4 and will therefore be a good practice run for my year 11 students. I remember hearing that one of the goals of the new QCE was to reduce the number of assessment items which is why there are only four summative assessments across units 3 and 4. I hope that helps.



Thanks, it does help clarify things.
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We were going to do the same as Josie (2 pieces per unit to reflect U3&4). But looking at how much time I will actually have due to starting U3 in term 4 (total of 13 weeks including exam block which equates to 36 teaching hours), I am thinking of just doing 2 projects and 1 exam. I am concerned that if I squeeze too much assessment in U2 that I won’t get the best out of my students.


I am in a similar situation. I have to start Unit 3 in T4 this year, so I have only planned 2 assessment items for unit 1, and the project for Unit 2. It is too much otherwise. I then have Unit 3’s exam in term 4. Not by choice, but because our school has to.


Good to know others are in the same boat, just have to do the best we can.


Morning All
I know I am a constant antagonist/devils advocate, but there is a reason why creative companies have ‘crazy creative’ workplaces for their creatives. If you look at Google, 3M and some of the other big contributors, the space is important as creativity only happens when the person doing it is in a relaxed frame of mind. Bearing this in mind, it seems we are all focusing on “preparing students for the upcoming assessments”, so we are admitting to teaching to the test.

It appears that we are trying to teach a right-brain dominant subject from a left-brain point of view. Or as a friend commented “design for left-brainers”. Initially, I thought that @Andrew_Scott and @Nick_Kelly were engaged to design a right-brain syllabus for right-brain development, but it appears that the paradigm has been shifted by the the education authorities inane and insatiable appetite for meaningless data. Should we all not be focused on the PROCESS, rather than the exams?

I found myself sitting in a staff meeting saying that exact statement - “…prepare for the assessments…”. This is a little step backwards from even the Technology Studies curriculum.


Hi Carl, these have been my thoughts also. I think as a body of teachers we need to resist competing with outcomes based on assessment. Exams are a bizarre way of assessing ability in a Design subject. It does not replicate professional practice in this field.


Hi Tara
So you’ll do a Summative exam in T4 of year 11? How will your school deal with students transitioning from other schools at the beginning of Grade 12? Our college is concerned about that and still trying to work out what to do.

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Hi Joy,

That question has come up a few times from teachers to the administrators. As usual they tell us it will be figured out at a later date. :frowning: