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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone would happen to have time to have a quick look at the rough Year 12 Unit 3 assessment tasks I have attached. We have to have them written by the end of this week so I’m really keen to get a few D&T teachers eyes to look over them to see if I am on track before I pass them on to staff from other departments I work with to look at. I haven’t seen too many Unit 3 tasks floating around so I’m really not too sure if I am on track. The Project is however based on an idea I saw someone share on one of the forums for Unit 1 or 2. (I’m actually unsure who! So thank you if it was you!!!)

Thanks so much!

Unit 3_IA1_examination_draft.docx (2.5 MB) Unit 3_IA2_Project_draft.docx (13.9 KB)

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Happy too - I will have a read to night for you .


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Hello Joy, I am no expert so take my comments as someone who is still new to the game and still working it out myself. As for the exam, visual stimulus looks fine. I think you might have to rework your design criteria around what I call AIUSA or ‘Australia Invades the United States of America’.:slight_smile: It’s an easy way to remember Aesthetic, Innovative, Useful, Sustainable, Accessible. They are the attributes the criteria need to address.

As for the project, words and terms like connectedness and school climate might bring you unstuck at endorsement under the Accessibility criteria regarding language. Could those words be regarded as specialist language that the average punter would not really understand? For example I am not overly familiar with the term ‘school climate’ and what that specifically means, so would students get it?
Same goes for a generic comment like connectedness. What does that specifically mean? (sorry, Im am just being the devil’s advocate here)

I will upload a checklist for you to run through. Print out your exam and project after you have entered it on the endorsement portal and then check it off on the list I sent. (which I copied off the portal)

Hope this helps Regards Mark:)

PS if you want to look at my average attempt at a submission then let me know


Exam Endorsement Checklist.pdf (297.7 KB) Project Endorsement Checklist.pdf (346.2 KB)


Thanks so much for your feedback Mark. I’ll have a think about the ‘connectedness’ term. Someone at our school suggested I could include the term with it’s meaning in the task.

Thanks for the checklist I’ll check it out.

Appreciate your help!

Hi Joy,
The general ideas behind the task look good but I agree with Wok in regards to the exam. Your design criteria are actually just steps used to complete the task. Your criteria should be something that the students can use to evaluate their work and use to create refinements. As a side note - I have noticed at our school (we teach Design in Yr 10) that students last year didn’t really engage too much with assessment that links to the school - in fact they gave us feedback and asked for assessment to not be linked to the school but rather the “real world”. Not saying this is the case at your school but it could be something to consider.



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Thank Sam. I realised I hadn’t written that Design Criteria properly! I did a little more work on it… hopefully it is ok now. (Attached if you happen to be interested)

That’s interesting feedback to about the real world verses school context. I feel like I’ve been given feedback that suggests using a more local context. Ah well… I guess we’ll see what comes back. Anyone’s guess as to how tasks will be assessed. Looking at the mock exam’s makes me think we could be making them a whole lot simpler!

Thanks again for your feedback!
Unit 3_IA1_examination_draft.docx (3.5 MB)

Hi Joy,
Finally got around to having a look and I think the new criteria works much better. Another point, that we only just found out yesterday from the QCAA, is that on the exam we need to explicitly state whether the students solution must be a product, service or environment.
Hope this helps.


Hi Joy,

A follow up from Wok/Mark’s comment (and I am no expert either) but because the term “connected” is in the direct stimulus, I would argue you could use it and determining/clarifying it’s meaning is part of the exploration of the project - determining what to do. I’d been very interested to know what the endorsers say on this.

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Thanks Col. I ended up doing this actually. If they don’t like it they can tell me right :stuck_out_tongue: