FA1 Exam student responses


Just thought I would share my student’s responses to their first exam and get some feedback.
Fa1 exam examples.pdf (2.0 MB)


Hi Von,
I had a look at the exam and whilst your Devising and Representing and Communicating sections are spot on there are a few areas that I think aren’t quite right. (Please note I am basing this off information in the syllabus, SIMGs and QCAA sample responses)
The first is the design criteria you have supplied. What has been included are more guiding questions from the text book that are to be used to help create criteria. The syllabus glossary states under Design criteria “provide explicit information to enable the evaluation of the appropriateness of design ideas”. I don’t believe what you supplied them with is explicit enough.
For example: you could have had under Aesthetics “Design must be aesthetically pleasing for children aged 6-9 both in its visuals and physical proportions
Students also didn’t use their evaluations against design criteria to “make refinements to their ideas” as is stated in the ISMG. Rather the students have evaluated final ideas (and generally seem to be more descriptions rather than critical evaluations of strengths, limitations and implications) - this is more akin to the Graphics/ Tech studies form of evaluating. There seemed to be little evidence of students using evaluations to further/refine their ideas. This also ties into synthesis as the student responses did not really have evidence of a “clear combination of attributes of multiple ideas to propose innovative concepts” (which is also stated in the ISMG) Rather it appears that the students have just re-drawn ideas from their ideas/devising page with only slight changes. (I have found that the use of SCAMPER can help students to achieve greater synthesis)
Hopefully this feedback is helpful and apologies for its length.



Hi snicc0

Thank you for your feedback. I will take it all into account. We did use SCAMPER in our practice test (using the utensil item) for evaluation. However, due to such a short amount of time I believe students found answering the criteria was more time efficient.



Hi Von, thanks for sharing. Some great work here, I like how you have included a spread of work. I have encouraged my students to use a decision making matrix to show evaluation of ideas, this can help with demonstrating synthesis of ideas.


Hey Evie
Which is the decision making matrix you’re referring too?