Evaluation: How to best respond to 'implications'?

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I am wondering how schools respond critically to the concept of ‘implications’ of ideas against the design criteria?
I appreciate your examples and explanations. The syllabus is silent in this area.
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Great question Ben. I spoke to Roy Barnes a while ago and I asked for clarification surrounding what ‘implications’ means in the Design syllabus.

From my understanding, students need to ask themselves “if I proceed with this idea/feature, what might I need to consider”. It is a fairly open question, but it encourages designers to think deeper about the solutions that they are considering, and it really helps lead into effective synthesis.

I hope that makes sense. Others may want to expand on what I have shared.


Evening Ben
implications comes after strengths and limitations. The implication element is when you write down - what you “could” and/or are going to do (implement) to fix the limitations or improve the meeting of design criteria, or improve the design in relations to the client, stakeholders or end user.
This can also be done in PMI interesting is what can happen to improve the “minus” (although PMI might not be linked to DC’s)

For examples


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I’ve also been struggling & working through implications with my students. I’ve been of the mindset that implications refer to how the proposal impacts, both positively and negatively, upon the stakeholder, client, environment or potential user, depending upon the DC. Some of the examples from Chris and Denigan appear to be more like modifications? When reading the EAMG, it very clearly states that there must be evidence of Strengths, Limitations and Implications which has also prompted me to have students to start practicing the application of these terms rather than PMI’s/SWOTS.
Good discussion point, Ben.


Just looking at the Unit 3 TLAP and saw this statement:

"Evaluation activity: Create a schematic sketch that represents an
evaluation of at least three ideas. The sketch should include

  • strengths of the idea against the criteria
  • limitations of the idea against the criteria
  • implications that may affect the success of the design to meet the
    stakeholder’s needs"