Effective web resources for teaching design



As design teachers we have our ‘go to’ web resources which give us inspiration and in turn energise our students about design. I think resources need to be effective, engaging and in someway connected to our students (user), either through association and or understanding. My favourites amongst many include these below and are worth exploring both for design-thinking, real-world context, lesson ideas and classroom stimulus.

  1. Ellen Macarthur Foundation
    Ellen Macarthur Foundation

  2. James Dyson Foundation
    James Dyson Foundation

As a topic thread to share and recommend resources, feel free to link resources which you use regularly or ones NOT too.


Hi mate,

Coming into this thread as an industry professionals, we have developed a suitable online platform teachers (specifically in the Design Technologies). With courses, videos, lesson plans, assignments etc. etc.

I have worked with Andrew Scott at QUT and is currently teaching at QUT as well in Architecture. Following a recent conversation with Andrew, he encouraged me to share what we do with the teachers here.

Perhaps you can check out the Design Teacher’s Resources Portal here: https://get-inspiredpd.com.au/

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


ProductTank is a nice channel for industrial design. Episode 1 has some nice points about innovation which I think we need to take care not to over-state in the classroom.


If you Youtube “Vox design” there are heaps of really good videos that talk about different applications of design and the impacts of both good and bad design.


Nice find.