Document camera solutions



Commercial Document Camera

If you attended one of the QCAA syllabus workshops last year or the year before you may have seen us project live sketches onto the screen. @JoyArgow just asked me about it so I thought I’d share the details.

This is the USB camera we used:
I bought mine online for around $160.

It looks like this model has since been replaced by this one:

I built a small stand to raise my Ziggi up high enough to easily fit in more than an A3 page, since that’s what I’m usually using in my classes but another solution is to sit it on a box next to your page (much hi-tech).

DIY Experiments

If you’d like to take a DIY approach to make a stand for photographing sketches and making videos you may be interested in this: in 2017 I experimented with making a stand to support a smart phone to record sketching demonstrations using our laser cutters and 3 mm MDF. After a few iterations this is what I came up with:

I think the proper term for this is a rostrum camera and, yes, it’s hideous but what I like about it is that the images are guaranteed perpendicular to the paper and also that I have full access to my iPhone’s camera capabilities (2× zoom, stills, video, time-lapse, video apps, etc.). It was also designed to be portable so it folds up to a compact column comprised of the shooting platform, height adjustable legs and LED lights.

In case anyone is interested I’ve shared my design process sketches and photos of how the thing works. (When I gathered all the iPad sketches together [created in Linea Sketch] I was surprised I’d done so many of them, mostly in my spare time while watching TV in the evenings.):

Email me if you’d like a copy of the laser cutting files. If you improve on the design (which wouldn’t be hard) let me know.


Here is what I use to project my sketching to the projector… I use my iphone and the HDMI attachment to the projector.
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Brilliant Stuart @Denigan. I’m guessing that because the phone is light you probably don’t get too much vibration on the cantilever arm, yes? Good stuff.

Is that a QuadLock tripod adapter?


Yes it’s a quadlock, however I have changed cases a few times and just balanced the phone on the flat element of the quadlock tripod adaptor.
It works very well for recording or just projecting and photo final or progress photos.