Designing with Empathy (U3 Topic 1)


I like this video as an explainer for what empathy is about (it’s 3 minutes). It’s not specific to design, but it is helpful for a quick understanding of what empathy is.

“Empathy is a choice… in order to connect with you I have to connect with something in myself that describes that feeling”

“Rarely can a response make something better… what makes something better is connection”.

It’s a sentiment that applies to design as well.

This is then a two minute video linking it in to the design process. It’s a great video for this topic:


Also, the Design Minds website (thanks @Adam_Jefford) has some excellent resources on design for empathy:


Thanks @Nick_Kelly - also of interest might be the work by previous Cooper Hewitt fellow Terry Dean who developed a toolkit that use empathetic inquiry, collaborative play and improvisation to introduce students to design methods and encourages them to reflect on the potential of design thinking to enact positive change.


I was sent this by a fellow teacher who found this on The Verge

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I’ve just found this website highlighting design problems. I’ve had a quick glance and wondered if it might come in useful for any fellow Design Teachers out there.

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