Design heuristic flash cards


Just wondering if anyone has used design heuristic flash cards?
What are your thoughts on them as a tool?
Where can I purchase them?


Yeah Chris, I’ve used them for a few years and love them. My students who understand them and their purpose really like the concept of them too. The ones that say they don’t like them, I feel like they think far too narrowly and literally around them. I try to explain that the whole purpose is to get your thinking started or to evolve your thinking in a new direction. There are no rules with them. If a card stimulates you to think differently despite you not doing exactly what the card suggests, then it’s done it’s job. They are a means to the end, but not the end product themselves.



Hi Chris I’m not sure which heuristics flash cards exactly you’re talking about, but there are some free “online flash cards” at quizlet here:

And I saw a design heuristics flash card product on Amazon here but I have no idea how good they are.