Design Blunders



Just wondering if anyone has any good design blunders that I could use as a funny intro?

For example the Nike fire logo that looked like the word for allah or when the Chiness government stopped the sale of Taylor Swift album “T.S. 1989” as they thought it referred to Tienanmen Square 1989.


Examples of bad design

Those are some great stories! I can’t think of any more, hopefully others can?

I hadn’t heard of the Nike story, but I found an image for it out of curiousity:



There are a few tales of legendary automotive blunders:


Not a lot of detail on this website, but easy enough to google plenty of examples talked about by the museums founder, Samuel West.


This is great.

Can’t wait to go through them.


The millennium Pedestrian Bridge in London is a good one. They had to close it the same day it opened as it swayed too much!


This is not really the best news source, but here is one from yesterday’s headlines:

NSW’s $2 billion new trains are too wide to get through tunnels


That is a great one.

I do like the quote of, “it should tilt less.”



That video is unsettling.



This one is great too, I spoke to my students about unforeseen problems in design, and showed this to them without saying anything - it took about 10 minutes for the penny to drop.


There is also Buckminster Fuller’s Dimaxion Car which was a tactical blunder, and of course the reliant robin!


I love this one too!