Cultural focused briefs

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I’m wondering what briefs others have given students for the ‘How has design influenced economic, social and cultural chance? Section on page 4 of the TLAP.

And has anyone seen good examples of cultural misappropriation?

Keen for some deeper insights into this area…

Thanks heaps


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Hi Joy, this article from the ABC has a few examples in the fashion world that students might relate to. This article on the IXD foundation site is a bit more rigorous.

I feel like that item in the curriculum that you’re talking about lends itself well to ideas about how design changes the world, where for me some great examples are:

  1. Over and over again there are stories of technologies that move from science (a breakthrough, something like the invention of wifi) through to engineering (wifi in devices) which leads to design (such as the invention of the iphone) which changes the world
  2. Design can create whole new markets and change cultures. Something like the invention of the post-it note arguably changed office culture and created a design cliche
  3. There is a constant co-evolution of design and culture, where design often draws its ideas from culture at the same time as shaping culture (although I can’t think of an off the cuff example for this one)

Can anyone improve on those examples? I’ll have a think about it in the meantime.

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Thanks so much. It sure is hard thinking of ideas of the top of ones head hey!