Converting from ISMG to A-E

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I’m just wondering how your schools are approaching the ISMG’s this year for Year 11? Are you using the ISMG and then converting results to a percentage or A-E? I noticed on here Zac’s conversion to a criteria based option. If you used something like that are you guys marking twice? Using the ISMG and the conversion criteria? Seems like a lot of double handling. I would love to get your thoughts!

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Joy Argow

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Hi Joy, we have spent some time trying to sort this out for reporting purposes. Have come up with an excel markbook which may help you. Just email me if you want a copy.


That would be awesome Mark. Sorry I missed your response. My email is

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Hi Mark,
Would you mind emailing me a copy as well. My email address is
Kathryn Williams
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Hi Mark,

Could you please send the excel markbook to me to. Thanks so much for sharing.


I only used the A to E criteria for a mock assessment in term 1. The next assessment has both the ISMG and A-E to expose the year 11 to next years criteria… but I’ll only be using the A to E for this one also.

I just did a practice F-IA1 exam and had the students self-assess their assignment using the ISMG.

I went through it with the class as if I would be marking it. It was a very valuable exercise for them to recognise the marking terminology and how it related to their assessment. I then gave them back the practice exam to make it better after reviewing the ISMG.

I would have to say the students really appreciated the exercise and they now have more of an idea about how ISMG’s might work in other subjects.

Getting a conversion from ISMG’s to A-E is difficult and we have had a discussion with Roy Barnes. He has acknowledged the difficulty and is looking into it.


I’ve tabled the A to E descriptors for marking purposes. YR11_ISMG_to_STANDARDS_Exam.docx (14.2 KB) YR11_ISMG_to_STANDARDS_Proj.docx (14.0 KB)