Cognitive Verbs Help

Hi everyone,

How are you implementing cognitive verbs into your classroom? In addition do students need to use cognitive verbs in their responses such as in an exam and portfolio. I have heard others at school say it’s essential for students to pass their subjects, and then I have heard others say it has to be on the task sheets otherwise they will be rejected by QCAA. I’m just feeling uncertain.

Any feedback would be helpful thank you.

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Hi Tara, I can’t answer your question as well as any of the practising teachers on this forum would, but you may find these things helpful:

  1. A student-friendly list of the cognitive verbs:

  2. This is a video of the QCAA view on things but I don’t think it’s a good answer to your question:

My understanding is that the verbs were more about students knowing the right way to show their thinking rather than needing to use them in their responses. @QCAA is what I’ve just said correct?