Book week of Don Norman

I hope everyone is getting into book week and and dressing up as their favorite author/ designer Don Norman.


Hilarious. That’s not a bad impression. I hope that you took on the role of cantankerous old man too.

As a side note, I was in a conversation the other day where other interaction designers were lamenting that our discipline doesn’t really have any visible role models like the other disciplines do. The architects have characters like FLW and Le Corb, the industrial designers have people like Rams and Ive. Who do we have?

Bill Moggridge and Donald Norman were good for the field but they are hardly inspirational names–they’re more pedagogues that shining lights. Do you agree? Is there anyone I’ve forgotten? And what might that look like if there was someone?


Even though I don’t completely disagree I think there is more at play such as the amount of years interaction designers have formally been around compared to architecture.

There is also, people such as David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley who even though are not interaction designers are helping people think about how they interact with a product.

But I think we should take a moment and reflect on the poor typograph designers who always get forgotten and really only have Paula Scher to champion the call of fonts.

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For sure! I recently came upon this resource which is quite beautiful if you’re ever looking for a resource to teach the typography jargon:

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Umm… This is amazing.