Blender 2.8_____


Hey Teachers,

I think it is time you had another look at Blender.
The new interface is outstanding.
And it is free.


It is really great, I teach my students how to use Inventor, Fusion 360 and Blender. The plugin for 3D printing from within Blender is GREAT!!! We can get organic forms 3D printed, allowing us to create both characters and the interactions within UNITY through Blender.


Just an aside, we’ve decided to use Fusion 360 for industrial design at QUT, mainly due to its widespread availability for education.

We’ll reserve Solidworks for students who wish to take the more technical path needed for professional ID employment.


Thanks Andrew, that is what I am pushing at school too, it is not as daunting for our year 7 - 9 students, and exporting for 3D printing is a great deal simpler than with Inventor.

We teach the Junior School students to use TinkerCad as the introduction, and it is a natural progression for them. I have been able to get some of my stronger junior students in year 5 and 6 into working with Fusion, but they tell me that they found Inventor too daunting!!