Assessment length (project folios)


Good morning all,
Thank you all for sharing your resources online, it’s been very helpful (along with some of the facebook groups), I’m trying to get organised then I look forward to sharing what I’ve done/considered.

I just want to throw a question out there about length of projects (in weeks/hours). As far as I could see, there isn’t any stated length of weeks for projects in year 11 and 12, has anyone had any thoughts about how long you’d recommend giving the students? Would they get all the lesson time within those weeks?

The example project I saw was 8 weeks.


I was asking myself the very same thing. Any thoughts comments would be appreciated.


Hi Eddie, the indicative hours is stated as being 55 hours per unit


That’s great thanks guys, it’s going to be a challenge to deliver the tlaps and give them assessment time. I’m aware the Tlaps example is a guide, and the students can work from home. Thanks all.

Just to add to this, as per unit 1 we are suggested to start a project at the start of topic 3 and submit at the conclusion of unit 1. So that works out 7 weeks for me (which will include some teaching lessons).


Further to Eddie’s suggestion the sample TLAP for Unit 1 describes a project (teen hangout space) that is linked to 10hours of contact time which is probably about 3 weeks. In the assessment samples the Unit 3 project is shown as 12 weeks and the unit 4 project is shown as 8weeks. In Unit 3 particularly it seems reasonable to hand out the task at the start of the Unit so students can start finding and working with stakeholders etc. This means they could be working on their project throughout the unit. The syllabus only prescribes the amount of work to be submitted. Therefore in reality the time constraint is the time allocated to the whole Unit which would include teaching and assessment. As Carl said that’s an indicative 55hours…and then of course students can work on the project at home.