Advertising Design subject to students

Students have chalked the design word to look like 3D. I’ve also made a short DVD to email the current year 10s. Can anyone share any other ideas they’ve used? I’m also keen to get a list of employment options from the subject… HELP

Hi Gary,
Here are links to the various design areas where QUT graduate students discuss their area of design, their ideas and their final project.
Master of Architecture - Ally Salonen -

Industrial Design - Thomas Long -

Interior Design - Brianna Schoemaker -

Interactive and visual design - Kiara Quig -

Interactive and Visual Design - Liam McKernan -

QUT Fashion showcase 2018 -
Thanks Gary, I hope this helps.
Kind regards,
Ben Webb

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Where can Design lead?

Studying Design can lead to:

  • architecture
  • digital media design
  • fashion design
  • graphic design
  • industrial design
  • interior design
  • landscape architecture.

This might be helpful for someone, career paths that are specific to user experience and interaction design. A slide I put together for my first year uni students in the interaction design major to show them where they can go: