Adding a file? Is it possible?


Is it possible to add a file to topic post?


It is possible using the ‘upload’ icon in the post:


I think this works with many file types but if it’s a large file I suggest placing it on a cloud service that allows file sharing (DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud) and just posting the link.


Thanks Scott,
I have attached a screenshot of my screen that does not have that icon. It can only upload an image, not a file. Perhaps you have a different level of permissions to us?
It would be invaluable for us to be able to upload files for sharing and feedback from this community of practice. Can it be arranged?


Ah, yes. it’s a permission thing. You’re on ‘Trust level 2’ but ‘Trust level 3’ is required:

I believe this is a feature of the forum system we’re using that is supposed to build participation and discourage spammers. I’m sure you’re not an evil spammer so I’ve bumped you up to level 3. See if you can share a small file now. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to do as i suggested earlier and upload the file to a cloud or sharing service and then share the link here.


Thanks Andrew. Still only an image for me I am afraid.


Sorry. It may be that the hosting costs of this site, which Nick covers himself, don’t include a large allocation for file storage so it might not be something we can open for everyone.

Please use a sharing service for files if you can. If that’s too difficult email it to me and I’ll do it for you.


Hi Ben, I currently have the site set up to be quite restrictive around file types that you can upload.

The main issue is security, in the sense that having just images is secure, having PDFs is slightly less secure (so currently turned off), and having DOCX files even less secure.

What kind of file would you like to upload? I am open to changing these settings and having that slight security risk if it’s going to make the site significantly more useful for everyone.




Hi Nick,
I understand. There is a Facebook Group for Design Teachers that allows sharing of tasks that teachers have written and that is proving invaluable for me and others. I guess it would add value to this group if that were possible here.
If you make the settings available only for .pdf format, I am sure that everyone will be willing to convert to .pdf before uploading.
Kind regards,


Hi Ben, thanks.

I’ve just changed the settings to allow 11MB files and PDF extensions.

It’s probably worth saying… my main aim in spending my spare time working on developing this community is to show a proof of concept for a design that is easier for teachers to use than FB–particularly in the way that knowledge is shared and re-used (that’s why the search in here works well).

I have a dream that instead of spending millions on things like C2C and online spaces that teachers perhaps don’t use as much as gets spent on them, governments could pay a few people full-time (or perhaps even more people part-time?) to run a community like this and respond to every need that the teachers in a subject have. I’m curious, what are your thoughts on that proposal?

Any which way, I’m just letting you know that I’m really willing to experiment with anything with this space to make it work better! So if you have any other feedback about improving the site, do let me know.