About the Design Teachers Queensland logo


The DTQ logo was designed specifically for this site.

It’s a first draft, and given the design expertise in this community I’m very open to it being improved upon.

The conceptual basis is the greek symbol for Delta combined with the Q for Queensland.

Delta because:

  • mathematically and symbolically it stands for change (which is really what all design is about)
  • Delta in the Greek alphabet is the fourth letter and translates to the letter D
  • Delta is especially used in mathematics to refer to dt which is change in the x axis when performing calculus
  • it also represents the dt of design teachers in Queensland

Thus the logo can be variously read as an acronym for “design teachers Queensland” or perhaps more poetically as “change through design education in Queensland”.

The font used is the free font aileron. I’m not wedded to this font.
If anyone wants to improve upon the logo (or get their class to improve upon the logo!) then I can replace it throughout the site…


I noticed the allusion to change and Queensland straight away, Nick. Very nice.

Traditional logo design (AKA ‘corporate identity’) aspires to be very controlled and uniform, the better to present a consistent face to its audience.

I quite like the idea of rejecting this and embracing continual change, within recognisable bounds. Perhaps we can attempt to always include the delta and Q but change the style as often as possible. Change it every month based on competition or ballot?


I couldn’t agree more with this idea of changing it often.

(I’d certainly be a hypocrite if I created a logo emphasising change and then tried to say that it ought to be static forever more)

Given the work involved I think that if we can even get a competition run once a year that would be a good effort! But it’s a good idea.


I disagree. I can understand changing it for the first year, but I believe an online identity needs to be created. If the logo goes into a magazine, it should be the Design Teacher’s logo. By having a fluid logo, the brand is watered down a bit. Your logo could be in the paper one month, then is isn’t worth a cracker the next week…

I think making it qld only is a bit short sighted. It is Australian Curriculum! it should be qld.designteachers.org, nsw.designteachers.org, etc. Every state will have the same requirements for both design and website, so by marketing it to different states, we can get resources from Australia wide, although we can still chat in our own state to get state targeted material.

In this regard, Delta Au could stand for “Design Teachers Australia”, not “Design Teachers qld”. :slight_smile:


Hi Michael, really good point about why we might want to be set up as national rather than regional. Currently each jurisdiction (state school system) has a very different Senior Design curriculum (where they have one). Here we are focused just on supporting Queensland teachers with the QCAA curriculum to make sure that we’re specific.

I’ve read the WA and Vic curricula and they are really very different - we’re trying to make sure that this is as helpful as possible for teachers using the QCAA curriculum. Does that make sense? If teachers from other jurisdictions are crying out for this then I’m happy to work with them and think about going national.

I really like your point about having a well-established identity. You’re right, we need to factor that into decision making too.


I don’t think we have established our identity yet and as such it’s difficult to create a representative corporate identity. I hope this will change soon as the membership of this site grows and its character emerges but I think we’re a little way off from that. For example, I would like to avoid us creating a brand that caters to one group of design teachers but alienates another.